Roll Call!

Few of my Favorite Blogs:

Health, Beauty, Anti-aging, and Science:


The Beauty Brains  A great blog run by two cosmetic scientists who share their knowledge on specific products and ingredients. They also have a pretty entertaining podcast if listening vs reading is your thing.

Lab Muffin This is a beauty blog where the writer, Michelle, explains beauty products using science. Michelle lives in Australia and has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Michelle is a science educator who believes all people have the ability to understand scientific concepts and her goal is to explain the science behind beauty products in a way anyone can understand.

Found My Fitness – Dr. Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. has extensive research experience in the fields of agingcancernutrition. Her website, Found My Fitness, is her platform for sharing knowledge. I found her when I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast and she is brilliant.

The Scientific Beauty this blog is run by Sophie, who holds a Ph.D. and is a science writer. Her goal is to decode the science behind beauty products and show that, hey, science can be sexy too! Three cheers for Sophie!

Doctor Yourself – This is the website of Dr. Andrew Saul the “Megavitaminman” hosts this website which is one of the largest educational, peer reviewed, natural health websites without commercial interest on the web.


Prof. Vladimir Khavinson-  Russin Researcher – Bioactive Peptides head of the Chair of Gerontology and Geriatrics of the I.I. Mechnikov NW State Medical University of the Russian Ministry of Health, St.Peterburg

Chris Masterjohn Ph.D. – Nutrition and Exercise

Tim Ferriss Mr. Ferriss has both a blog and a podcast I frequent. He is also the author of the 4 Hour Workweek, The 4 Hour Body and The 4 Hour Chef. I am currently a quarter of the way thru The 4 Hour Body and trying out the slow carb diet. Tim is a literal WEALTH of information, evidently is both extremely social and possibly an introvert at the same time,  and has an obsessive nature that honestly, I admire.

For Enquiring Minds:

CSI The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

Google Scholar – a great resource for finding scientific papers and research studies. 


Thought Leaders:

Brain Pickings – This is the blog of a lovely lady writer named Maria Popova. She has written for Wired, The AtlanticThe New York Times, and Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab. She is a  MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.