Gut Healing Green Tropical Smoothie

Gut Healing Tropical Green Smoothie



Are you looking for relief from Gut Issues, or just want to boost your gut health?


You could head over to “Whole Paycheck” or any other health food or whole foods store and pick up a bottle of probiotics.


But why do that?


When you could drink a tasty smoothie instead.


I invented this smoothie to get me thru Ulcerative Colitis flares, and it works wonderfully. If I start to flare, I drink it two or three times a day. Sometimes I use it, without the strawberry, as a smoothie fast.


This smoothie has NO dairy. No Grains. No Gluten. No Nuts.


Are you ready?


OK, here are the 7 ingredients in my Gut Healing Tropical Green Smoothie.




  1. Avacado

-High in Potassium, a good source of B-5, B-6 and Vitamins E and K. Plus good fat a monounsaturated Oleic acid, also found in Olive oil.


Why I have it in my smoothie:

I was taking fish oil but when I read the studies, they were mixed, and some studies showed negative effects from taking fish oil.


The oil from avocados is a different story. The consumption of avocados has been shown to reduce inflammation.


Inflammation ages you, your organs and increases risk of disease and even depression! Not to mention, inflammation causes or contributes to a good many gut problems.



Studies show that Oleic acid, which is found in avocados and olive oil, has been found to suppress tumors.





2. Spinach

Spinach is a super food.


It is an easy addition to a green smoothie that does not add a strong flavor.  Some call it the world’s healthiest food.


Eating spinach using this Tropical smoothie is such an easy way to get a serving of this green powerhouse.


Nutrients: Vitamin K, folate, Vitain A Magnesium, B-2, B-6, Calcium, Manganese and vitamin E.


Why I have it in my smoothie


It would take an entire book to list all the wonderful properties of spinach. For brevities sake, and so we can get on with making this smoothie, I will only list a few.


Spinach contains a substance called Spinach Thylakoids. These Thylakoids have been shown to affect appetite and decrease food consumption. They have been shown to reduce body weight and, as far as the gut goes, increase helpful lactobacilli and decrease other bacteria thought to be harmful.



3. Aloe

Why I have it in my smoothie:


Studies have shown that aloe improved symptoms and helped some Ulcerative colitis sufferers go into remission after consuming aloe for one month.


I have a separate article and video on allow which I will link here.


If you suffer from IBS, Crohns Disease, or Ulcerative colitis: take aloe Vera.


 The study I read tested three groups who ingested aloe, compared with placebo groups. In the groups that took aloe, their remission rate was between 30 and 47 %.


In the group that just got placebo, the remission rate was only 7 to 14%.


Aloe has a bitter taste, but I promise you-it is worth it! If you do not have fresh aloe leaves, this gel/juice will work just as well.

 (click image to purchase)

This smoothie goes a long way in masking the favor of the aloe.




4. Banana

Why I have it in my smoothie


Add flavor, sweetness and potassium. Often folks with gut issues are low on electrolytes, including potassium, due to frequent bathroom trips. TMI, I know. But its true.


Plus, Bananas are very easy to digest and often recommended to help with gut issues.



5. Pineapple

Why I have it in my smoothie


This golden fruit adds sweetness and flavor. Plus it has a digestive enzyme, bromelain.


Studies show that bromelain reduces symptoms of colitis, including reducing inflammation and increasing healing of the gut wall and “recovery of the intestinal barrier function.”





Science moment: The intestinal epithelium is a layer of cells in the intestinal tract that creates an important barrier against the external environment. It is selectively permeable, meaning It lets nutrients and water in and keeps bad guys, eg toxins out.


Why I have it in my smoothie:


Strawberries add vitamin C which helps build collagen, something needed to maintain a healthy gut.


Pro tip: do not include strawberries if you are currently experiencing a flare up or have ulcers because the seeds can irritate the ulcers. I only use them when I am free of symptoms, as a maintenance food.



7. Nopal Cactus ( Aka Prickly Pear Cactus)

The star of the show!


This is the Cladode (kind of like a fat leaf or pad) of a cactus with the spines removed. It is common to see this plant used in Latin America as both food and medicine, and for good reason.


It is a well studied plant and probably the most useful plant I have included in this smoothie for gut health.



In one study, The nopal was shown to increase good bacteria , Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria,  and decrease harmful bacterial enterococci, enterobacteria and clostridia.


The study said that Nopal aced as a pre-biotic and functional food. Its reputation as a health food is well deserved.


I hope you enjoy this smoothie and that it helps any tummy issues you have. Drop me a line in the comments below, I would love to hear fro you!


Miss Katie Lyn


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